I have always been drawn to cakes, whether it be in a magazine or at a celebration. I couldn't wait to see what kind of decorated cake there would be at the party. Forget about the present opening or the Bride's dress... I wanted to check out the CAKE!

When the opportunity came for me to take a few classes at a local craft store I was super excited! Until they tried to teach me how to make a buttercream rose...FAIL. The instructor taught us how to make it with a gum drop as a base, to this day I cannot make a rose without a candy center ( I suppose we all have our burdens lol)  But that didn't stop me from continuing on to the fondant course.


Granted I didn't even cover a cake with fondant in that class, the same instructor used my cake and fondant as the example cake and she covered it!! oh well... I knew it was for me.

Fast forward about 7 years later, two moves across country, a million internet searches and over a billion YouTube tutorials later, I finally realized this is what I was meant to do. I love the creativity that consumes me when I am creating a cake.

I currently work as a Banker by day and a Baker at night. Its a busy life, but I am enjoying the challenge.

We are a home based Custom Cake business located in Chesapeake, VA.

Sweetly Done Cakes is fully inspected by the Department of Health and Licensed by the State of Virginia

Every cake is special.